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Persian common phrases and expressions

Persian language is a very old language. Persian is the official language spoken in Iran. Its first roots turns back to at least 4000 years ago. Persian is an important branch of Indo-European languages family. Thus there are many words in Persian that are in common with European languages or they have the same roots. […]

ancient burnt city

Shahr-e-Sukhteh(Burnt city)

In Persian means the burnt city is an archaeological site located in southeastern province of Sistan va Balouchestan at the junction of bronze age trade routes crossing the Iranian plateau near the Zahedan-Zabol road. Shahr-e-sukhteh was one of the world’s largest cities at the begin of urban era and it is still in mystery the […]

minab people

Minab: Traditional costumes and people

Minab:Traditional costumes and people Racial population of this city is a combination of arabs,original Iranians and Africans. Due to Iran’sethnic diversity, the traditional costumes of every region is unique and different .women of this region use various fabrics of kind , beautiful color andappealing design .they have chador in brown, mustard and gray-blue. Kamarchin dress […]

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Thursday market in Minab

Thursday market in Minab This bazaar has antiquity of about 500 years. Once in this traditional market, a variety of handicrafts of this southern city were on the show. But now except the native vegetables and fruits ,there are new and modern stuff to sell. The main sellers of this market are women with burqa. […]

Languages in Iran

Languages spoken in Iran

Languages in Iran Persian (Farsi) is the official and common language of Iran and to be used as the language of government and literature. Historically the languages of Iran  varied upon passing the years (Old – Middle- New) Now Persian language is used in all schools through out the country and all the people use […]

Cyrus the great tomb


Cyrus Cyrus the great man of Iran , is one of the rarities of the history that the world has ever seen . Sublime and unique human superman can be said that iran was called Persia with him . He laid the foundation for thousands of nation unit of the Aryan tribes located in the […]

Iranian Herbal

Iranian Herbal

Iranian Herbal Herbal Extract Drinking herbal extract has been common in iran from long time ago .the use herbal extract not only for thirst-qunenching in a hot summer days but also aa threatment to some illnesses. There are different herbal extract that use in iran such as PUSSYWILLOW “bidemeshk”, JONQUIL “nastaran” ,TOBACCO “kasni” …. But […]