American tourists in Iran

US media and Iran tourism industry

An American mainstream media confessing the growth of the number of the western tourists visiting Iran, tired to politicize even the tourism industry which can help the people to people relation all over the world. Fox news reported that there has been a five recent growth in westerners visiting Iran between September 1st, 2016 and […]

persian leopard

Persian leopard

One of the largest leopard and the eight recognized subspecies of leopard found in Iran. Persian leopard distinguished by short legs and powerful stocky frame, black rosette of flanks, shoulders and on back and haunches and black spots and blotches on head, chest, head and belly. Historically the Persian leopard was much more widespread in […]

ancient burnt city

Shahr-e-Sukhteh(Burnt city)

In Persian means the burnt city is an archaeological site located in southeastern province of Sistan va Balouchestan at the junction of bronze age trade routes crossing the Iranian plateau near the Zahedan-Zabol road. Shahr-e-sukhteh was one of the world’s largest cities at the begin of urban era and it is still in mystery the […]

Lake Urmia / Lake Orumiye

Flamingos in lake Urmia of Iran

Lake Urmia (Orumieh or Orumiyeh) in northwest Iran  was once the largest lake in the middle east and the sixth largest saltwater lake on the earth but in recent years is facing a dramatic decline due to inefficient  irrigation methods.These years Flamingos prefer to stay in lake Urmia national park instead of migrating as better […]

Persian gulf land of oldest settlement

Persian gulf land of oldest settlement

Persian gulf land of oldest settlement The mid – Paleolithic stone tools uncovered in the island the latest archaeological excavation in Qeshm island; which had been connected to main land of Iran by a tick layer of ice during last glacial period. Pebble tools finely cut by hand have been found during investigations in the […]

Black stork

Rare species of black stork identified in Saqez

Rare species of black stork identified in Saqez Mr Rasoul Haji Esmaili the head of the provincial office of department of environment in saqez claims kind of stork has been identified around Dalu river in Saqez,a city in Kurdistan province .He Asserted that experts of the office in usual checking of region and Dalu river […]

Miankaleh - atracciones en Irán

Miankaleh Peninsula

Miankaleh Peninsula Miankaleh is Peninsula in an Extreme southeast of the Caspian Sea, In 12 kilometers in North of behshahr city, in Mazandaranprovince of Iran. Its area is more than 608 thousand hectares, and its height is between 15 to 28 meters below the Sea level. In 1969 it was determined as “ preserved area […]

Persian carpet

Persian carpet

Persian carpet The Persian carpet is an integral part of Persian culture and history. Today it is crystal clear that Persia is the origin of carpet and carpet weaving in the world. Since ancient Persia carpet weaving was not only a marvelous art but also a perfect way to make a living. From the Persian […]

Iran nuclear deal

Iran nuclear deal:Hops set to rise about tourism after nuclear deal

Iran nuclear deal:Hops set to rise about tourism after nuclear deal In the wake of nuclear agreement in Vienna the Iranian officials hope and assert that not any other industry in Iran will see a bigger boost than tourism and bright days be ahead for the country’s tourism industry. Iran tourism industry has delighted by the […]