Gaz, A souvenir from Isfahan

Gaz, A souvenir from Isfahan So much certain is that there are not any documents to display the exact date of Gaz producing in Isfahan, therefore the historians and culture seeking people have paid insufficient attention to this part of the productive industry. Concerning Gaz,it should be said that its name has been derived from […]

jame mosque

Isfahan Jame mosque

Isfahan Jame mosque It is an Islamic architectural musuem through 800 years. It is Iran’s biggest mosque. In sasanid era it was a worship place and later in seljuk time became a mosque. In 12 century there was ignition and renwed in 1121. The best brick dome in Iran was made then that lasted more […]


Sio-se-pol bridge(Allah Verdi khan bridge)

Sio-se-pol bridge(Allah Verdi khan bridge) There are many bridges on the river which connect the northern and southern parts of Isfahan. The most famous and longest is Sio-se-pol bridge. And best of safavid bridges is this one. In the early 17th century the bridge was made of stone and bricks. It is a nice place […]

kavir national park

Kavir national park

This park is a specimens of wildlife and various herbal species zone and is a sample of desert and arid climate kind of ecosystem the park with an area of 4000 square kilometers located 100 km east of Qom in Semnan and Isfahan provinces. Cultural and historical monument such as Qasr-e-Bahram caravanserai, Nahr-e- Sang and […]


Shahrestan bridge

(Jay bridge ) it is a calm and nice place . The original building goes back to sasanid era. It is the oldest bridge in isfahan . It was built for military intentions.

Persian Carpet

Persian Carpet

Persian Carpet Undoubtedly, nobody and no researches can define the exact date of carpet weaving of the historical and vast land of Iran; the land having three thousand years of culture and civilization. The Pazirik with designs extracted from Persepolis, having been discovered, was clarified as a carpet whose designer had wished to demonstrate the […]

Persian calligraphy


Persian Calligraphy and Writing In Iran, calligraphy is considered and admired as one of fine arts, therefore in this course many famous artists have come into existence. In the end of the third century and at the beginning of the fourth century AH(about 1000 years ago) a brilliant man as Mohammad Ibn-e Ali Alfarsi (Ibn-e […]

Omar Khayyam tomb

Omar Khayyam(Located in Neishapur)

Omar Khayyam(Located in Neishapur) was born in Nishapur, in Iran, then a Seljuq capital in Khorasan, which rivaled Cairo or Baghdad in cultural prominence in that era. He is thought to have been born into a family of tent-makers He spent part of his childhood in the town of Balkh (in present-day northern Afghanistan), studying […]

Languages in Iran

Languages spoken in Iran

Languages in Iran Persian (Farsi) is the official and common language of Iran and to be used as the language of government and literature. Historically the languages of Iran  varied upon passing the years (Old – Middle- New) Now Persian language is used in all schools through out the country and all the people use […]


dar ol ziafat Minar

dar ol ziafat A twin tower which is built in the 15th  century , as an entrance to the great langar khaneh  ( an inn ) a free place for travelers to isfahan with free food.   Unfortunately the inn no longer  exists and the minaret are the only remainings.