greetings in persian

Persian common phrases and expressions

Persian language is a very old language. Persian is the official language spoken in Iran. Its first roots turns back to at least 4000 years ago. Persian is an important branch of Indo-European languages family. Thus there are many words in Persian that are in common with European languages or they have the same roots. […]

American tourists in Iran

US media and Iran tourism industry

An American mainstream media confessing the growth of the number of the western tourists visiting Iran, tired to politicize even the tourism industry which can help the people to people relation all over the world. Fox news reported that there has been a five recent growth in westerners visiting Iran between September 1st, 2016 and […]

persian leopard

Persian leopard

One of the largest leopard and the eight recognized subspecies of leopard found in Iran. Persian leopard distinguished by short legs and powerful stocky frame, black rosette of flanks, shoulders and on back and haunches and black spots and blotches on head, chest, head and belly. Historically the Persian leopard was much more widespread in […]

ancient burnt city

Shahr-e-Sukhteh(Burnt city)

In Persian means the burnt city is an archaeological site located in southeastern province of Sistan va Balouchestan at the junction of bronze age trade routes crossing the Iranian plateau near the Zahedan-Zabol road. Shahr-e-sukhteh was one of the world’s largest cities at the begin of urban era and it is still in mystery the […]

Iranian garden

Iranian garden

This garden also called Persian garden with an area of some 3.4 hectares is located in one of the old neighborhoods of Tehran known as “Deh vanak” where resembling the old days of Tehran and remind you of the comfort and refinement of people residing in old locals in the past Iranian garden is an […]

Iranian traditional ice cream

Iranian Ice cream

Traditional Ice cream also called Bastani made from Saffron , Vanilla , Rosewater , Milk , Eggs and Pistachios. Salep sometimes is used as ingredient . During the first days of this year close to 14.140 tons of Ice cream with the value of 463 Billion Rials ($12.4 million) was exported to Iraq ,Pakistan ,Bahrain and Kuwait […]

kavir national park

Kavir national park

This park is a specimens of wildlife and various herbal species zone and is a sample of desert and arid climate kind of ecosystem the park with an area of 4000 square kilometers located 100 km east of Qom in Semnan and Isfahan provinces. Cultural and historical monument such as Qasr-e-Bahram caravanserai, Nahr-e- Sang and […]



The building to serve as the INN providing accommodation for merchant , pilgrim , postal and official travelers . it is a rectangular ancient building along the major roads that acts as roadside inns and brought comfort to travelers and their live stocks. The term caravansarai is a combination of carvan means traveler and sara […]

migrant bird

World’s Migrants

Since 2006 up to now the 20th of may of each year is called world’s migrant birds. The reason is to have an active collaboration of protecting migrant birds. Every  year the emblem for world’s migrant birds day will concentrate on special title and target for instance “Their future is our future”. Why this migration […]

Soltaniyeh Tower - Iran, Zanjan

Oljayto Mausoleum

Oljayto also known as Muhammad Khodabandeh the eight Ilkhand dynasty roler from 1304 to 1316 in Tabriz Iran and the first Ilkhand king who converted to Islam. Oljayto built the mausoleum in an ancient city of Soltaniyeh located about 40KM west of Zanjan North –Western Iran . According to researchers he constructed this burial structure […]