Abbas Barzegar Tourism Village

Abbas Barzegar and his household in Bavanat are famousworld-renowned in making the best organic dishes and holding the best nomadic tours in Iran. He and his family at all timesfashionmemorable experiences for our tourists and visitors by their tasty organic foods and marvelous village housing in their small private village.

When Abbas Barzegar opened the door of his small 60-meter house in April 2001 for two German tourists, who had lost their way in a rainy day in a remote,small, and poor village, he did not know anything regarding the tourism business and he had no knowledge that the lucky star is knocking on his door.

The story of Abbas Barzegar and Bavanat village begins from April 2001 once 2 German motorbike riders were lost on the roads and they were searching for a spot to escape from the cruel downpour. They halted amidst a remote place in Bazm village 1 hour after Bavanat and they coincidentally thumped on the entryway of Abbas Barzegar’s house. Bazm is situated in the Bavanat region of the Fars Province, and was not principally well known for any major products or tourist destinations during that time.Like all other Iranians Abbas and his family received the visitors warmly and cheerfully and they cooked a standout amongst the most basic Persian nourishments for their visitors, the sustenance called “Dampokht-e Gowje” meaning rice cooked with tomato. Furthermore, the two German travelers were amazingly gratified and cheerful from the Iranian neighborliness and the astonishing tasty sustenance. For them it was a remarkable involvement in their go to Iran. Furthermore, they could not quit discussing the radiant experience that they had amidst no place in a little house in a far village and the essence of Persian nourishment was not something simple to overlook for them. Therefore, when they returned to Germany they began to share their recollections of Abbas and his family with their companions. They gave the location of Abbas’ home to the companions who needed to go to Iran. After five months when the second group of Germans thumped the entryway of Abbas’ home, he was stunned and shocked that he has more visitors now to deal with, however Abbas was not prepared to be a decent host for his visitors, and he needed to regard his visitors with Iranian conventions so he went to make ‘KABAB and CHICKEN KABAB’ yet the Germans halted him from planning meat and chicken and they told Abbas that we came every one of these approaches to your home to taste your celebrated rice with tomato, “Dampokht-e Gowje” this is the thing that cause us to come here, we are not searching for meat Kebab or Chicken Kebab, we need that Iranian nourishment cooked by your wife, in light of the fact that numerous individuals in Germany now have caught wind of it and we need to taste that. As Abbas call it, this was the snippet of a marvel in his brain, and Abbas comprehended that he can simply demonstrate the populace of the world his day-by-day life and the typical everyday nourishment that his wife cooks consistently. Abbas chose to go to Shiraz and to converse with travel agencies to take their vacationers to his home, yet no one listened to him, no one thought of him as, and his home as a genuine vacation spot yet Abbas had an extraordinary will to make his fantasies materialize. He didn’t surrender effortlessly, he welcomed a visit administrator to his home and despite the fact that he didn’t have enough cash to pay their expenses yet Abbas spend the tips that the Germans had given to him to demonstrate his home and his village to a visit administrator and he could persuade them that there are a considerable measure of obscure attractions in his village and the Nomads that are living in the range are the fortunes of Bavanat.So he began to set up his home for travelers and step by step and year by year his home got to be greater and greater and now Abbas claims 20 hectares of greenery enclosures and horticultural terrains and he is truly one of the best agriculturists in Iran and he delivers the majority of the foodstuffs that he serves to his tourists and now following 14 years of continuous exertion that Abbas had, he is an incredible rancher and natural nourishment maker.

Presently Abbas is a rich man, his family has a decent life, yet Abbas, and his family remember their objectives and he is yet meeting expectations from first light to nightfall to set up the most noteworthy quality food and services for tourists.

Presently Abbas is one of the wealthiest nomads of Khamse tribe, however, he is nevertheless looking to the far skylines, he is nevertheless living up to expectations 18 hours a day, he takes the sheep to pasture, he gets milk from the goats and cows and he cleans their corrals. He wants to resuscitate a major traveling tribe again in Iran like past times with all their conventional ways of life.
Abbas claims he is still not finished yet. He has an ambitious plan to make a ‘nomad experience’, allowing enthusiastic tourists to live in tents with hundreds of nomads in the area (a lifestyle that is speedily in danger of extinction in Iran).

In the event that you need to hear even more about Abbas’ tentative arrangements and dreams, you must sit in his tent in his home and listen to his astounding stories for a considerable length of time and hours. You will be stunned by what Abbas has done as such far and what he wants to do in future.

So a visit to Bavanat is indeed one the best decisions you can have in Iran, the delightful scenes of Zagros Mountains in the roads, the green walnut greenery enclosures of Bavanat, the village way of life, the astonishing heavenly organic natural foods in Abbas Barzegar’s home and meeting his family, the tour to visit the Nomads in the mountains and living with Nomads for a few hours and numerous other exceptional encounters that you can have in Bavanat can make your most paramount days in Iran. is presently helping Abbas Barzegar and his family to be joined with the world through the net. So on the off chance that you need to go to Bavanat you can hold a tour package to Bavanat

Furthermore, on the off chance that you have seen Bavanat before and you have any photographs or remarks that you need to impart to Abbas and his family email us at [email protected]

Experience a migrant existence with nomads in Bavanat.

Nomads settle in Bavanat from April to October.

Check-in time in Abbas Barzegar Tourist Village is 3 PM and Checkout time is 10 AM

Going to the Nomads in the mountains in 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM