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Goalbang is a Private Tour Operator established in 1994.At Goalbang we have a highly qualified team fully conversant with operational methods applicable to Iran. we are able to organize a wide variety of tours for individuals and tour groups.
Our website Greetingiran.com contains a wealth of information needed for holiday destination to Iran.
We wish to convey to visitors unspoilt nature, majestic mountains rise and fall of kind from deepest history to present time Poet and handicrafts and many other options.
If you are lucky enough to fly into Iran, be sure to ask for a window seat, you might be surprised by what you see.
We wish you a very warm welcome and many delightful experiences on your grand tour of Iran .Wish you happy exploring.
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About GreetingIran

Greetingiran is an official website of Goalbang Tour & Travel co., the leading Iranian service company in tourism industry for over 22 years and fully bonded as a member of international air transport association (IATA) with a numeric code 33-2 1132 3 and authorized by Iranian Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization (ICHTO) By registered No. 917/133/2016.
This website contains a wealth of information needed for holiday destinations to Iran and Persian handicrafts.
A website to give you a brief landscape and view of whatever holiday you are looking for , you are guaranteed to find it in fantastic IRAN and give you an idea of all the beauties and attractions, Sites either by our professional illustrated sites or our well designed and organized tour package in Iran.
Greeting Iran contains a wealth of information about Iran as a holiday destinations where every thing is just that bit more natural than anywhere else in the world.
Few rivals in Iran can boast a history of perfect reputation and to become well known for rendering good services as Goalbang Tour & Travel.It offers you a cornucopia of itineraries by which you will have the chance to get a quoted and customized with diversity of ethnics,languages and the rich Iranian cultural traditional and serves you as an avenue to easily access most monuments and spots of unesco world heritage list in Iran.
We are enjoying a bona fide experts and staffs assuring you to feel convenience if you make a trip via Goalbang.


Who We Are?

GOLBANG Group (greetingiran.com) is one of the most successful travel agencies in shiraz with over 21 years of rich experience.
We try our best to offer the best service compared to the competetive prices in Iran. We will also provide you the best tour packages based on your budget and need and make your precious vacation a memorable one.