Apadana Palace(Ardeshir Palace) , Shoosh in Khouzestan

Apadana or Darius Palace,is located in Shoosh. The palace was built in dariush period about 515 years to 521 bc, on the top of Elamitremnants. The walls and façade are of brick, pillars are of stone. The palace has a pavilion, haramsara (a section for court ladies), gateway, entertainment hall and three central courtyards. The walls of the palace are embellished with engraved bricks showing the winged-lion, immortal guard soldiers and lotus flowers, during the reign of Ardeshir I, (461 B.C.), the palace was mostly ruined by fire, and reconstructed at the time of Ardeshir ii (359 bc .) and by the onslaught of Alexander the palace was completely ruined.