Sahebqaranieh palace palaces in Tehran attractions of Iran

Sahebqaranieh palace

Sahebqaranieh palace Built during the Qajar period and used as Nasser-al Din Shah’s harem , later changed into ex- Shah’s office. There are fine collection of paintings and other furnishings, including several colorful Qajar-era works and the ex-shahs daily life. Also there is a basement teahouse, private dental surgery and a bar decorated with Shirazi […]

Naranjestan Ghavam

Naranjestan e Ghavam The Ghavam family were rulers of Fars region in Qajar era. Naranjestan means garden of sour orange in Persian. Naranjestan e Ghavam (Ghavam’s House) is the name of a famous building located in Shiraz, Iran. This masterpiece is a good sample of Persian architecture was built between 1879 and 1886 AD. and […]

Holidays in Iran

Sio-se-pol bridge(Allah Verdi khan bridge)

Sio-se-pol bridge(Allah Verdi khan bridge) There are many bridges on the river which connect the northern and southern parts of Isfahan. The most famous and longest is Sio-se-pol bridge. And best of safavid bridges is this one. In the early 17th century the bridge was made of stone and bricks. It is a nice place […]

greetings in persian

Persian common phrases and expressions

Persian language is a very old language. Persian is the official language spoken in Iran. Its first roots turns back to at least 4000 years ago. Persian is an important branch of Indo-European languages family. Thus there are many words in Persian that are in common with European languages or they have the same roots. […]

Boraq canyon

Boraq canyon (Tang-e-Boraq)

It is the name of a beautiful valley close to village of Boraq canyon near to Eqlid county in the northwest of Shiraz. The Eqlid village located 1940 meters above the sea level and has a mild climate during spring and summer but cool in autumn and winter due to its location at mountainous area […]

Gambil canyon (Tang-e-Gambil)

Situated at Shesh pir region of Fars province. This strait located at village of Saran-Behesht -Makan(Beshmakan). This region is a fragment of heaven which is unique in Iran. To access the canyon we have to walk inside the river at some parts of the route. The water of Gambil river in the way to Saran-Behesht […]

Tange Tizab - Fars, Iran ecotourism

Tang-e-Tizab (Tizab canyon)

Tang-e-Tizab (Tizab canyon: The regional recreation and tourism in Fars province) Situated northwest of Ardekan city in Fars province the center of Sepidan county and 90 km far from Shiraz. A river which comes from mountains of Sepidan passes this canyon. Tizab canyon is passage of one of the Basha branches river. This strait enjoys […]

Reqez canyon - ecotourism in Iran

Reqez canyon in Fars province

It is located 30 KM far from Darab in Fars province and contains of 64 cascades totally. Reqez canyon is surrounded in the heart of the mountains among the rocks. Reqez means pristine and slippy road. The cascades have different altitudes, the highest one is 65 meters while the shortest come to 6 meters but […]

dome asb canyon - ecotourism in Iran

Dom-e asb canyon

Situated at the east of Kare-bas village of Kohmare-sorkhi county and 50 KM at the south of Shiraz, is one of the most beautiful region for Iranian travelers .(Five stunning straits in Fars province) Dome asb canyon is one of the virgin and attractive areas that due to its river being and passing through waterways […]