Sahebqaranieh palace palaces in Tehran attractions of Iran

Sahebqaranieh palace

Sahebqaranieh palace Built during the Qajar period and used as Nasser-al Din Shah’s harem , later changed into ex- Shah’s office. There are fine collection of paintings and other furnishings, including several colorful Qajar-era works and the ex-shahs daily life. Also there is a basement teahouse, private dental surgery and a bar decorated with Shirazi […]

Naranjestan Ghavam

Naranjestan e Ghavam The Ghavam family were rulers of Fars region in Qajar era. Naranjestan means garden of sour orange in Persian. Naranjestan e Ghavam (Ghavam’s House) is the name of a famous building located in Shiraz, Iran. This masterpiece is a good sample of Persian architecture was built between 1879 and 1886 AD. and […]

Boraq canyon

Boraq canyon (Tang-e-Boraq)

It is the name of a beautiful valley close to village of Boraq canyon near to Eqlid county in the northwest of Shiraz. The Eqlid village located 1940 meters above the sea level and has a mild climate during spring and summer but cool in autumn and winter due to its location at mountainous area […]

Iran desert- ecotourism in Iran

Iran’s desert

Presence in desert is the best way to self-knowledge. Recently unveiling desert has been replaced with tourism industry.  Desert rally has attracted many tourists to the vast deserts of Iran especially in the fall. The best time to travel in desert. Here are the most attractive desert rallies in Iran … Necessary equipment  for desert rally : Light mountaineer shoes.  Clothes for excursion.  Supplement clothes. […]

persian leopard

Persian leopard

One of the largest leopard and the eight recognized subspecies of leopard found in Iran. Persian leopard distinguished by short legs and powerful stocky frame, black rosette of flanks, shoulders and on back and haunches and black spots and blotches on head, chest, head and belly. Historically the Persian leopard was much more widespread in […]

Iranian garden

Iranian garden

This garden also called Persian garden with an area of some 3.4 hectares is located in one of the old neighborhoods of Tehran known as “Deh vanak” where resembling the old days of Tehran and remind you of the comfort and refinement of people residing in old locals in the past Iranian garden is an […]

Iranian traditional ice cream

Iranian Ice cream

Traditional Ice cream also called Bastani made from Saffron , Vanilla , Rosewater , Milk , Eggs and Pistachios. Salep sometimes is used as ingredient . During the first days of this year close to 14.140 tons of Ice cream with the value of 463 Billion Rials ($12.4 million) was exported to Iraq ,Pakistan ,Bahrain and Kuwait […]

heyran- Astara


30 kilometers west of Astara in Gilan province on the road Astra to Ardabil  the Heyran tourist region  is situated. This region consists of three villages called lower-middle and upper  Heyran and the pass to these villages is one of the most important tourist attraction and It faces the forest-covered mountains on the one side […]

Kariz of kish


An amazing underground city in Kish island with an area of 10,000 square meters and located 16 meters underground. The ceiling are 8 meters high covered by shells, fossils and corals estimated to be 270 to 570 million years old and is the only structure with a ceiling of natural shells and corals. The city […]

Gian historic hill

Gian historic hill and village

Gian historic hill and village This hill is one of the oldest historic remnants. Archaeologists date this region 37 centuries before Christ. Historians believed that in 5500 to 5700 years ago, people who lived in the hills, were indigenous people of Iran and had civilizations like Mesopotamia. Later this nation was disappeared by European and […]