Gian historic hill

Gian historic hill and village

Gian historic hill and village This hill is one of the oldest historic remnants. Archaeologists date this region 37 centuries before Christ. Historians believed that in 5500 to 5700 years ago, people who lived in the hills, were indigenous people of Iran and had civilizations like Mesopotamia. Later this nation was disappeared by European and […]

Agha Torab Hammam

Agha Torab Hammam

Agha Torab Hammam This is one of the historical structures in Nahavand city, from the inscription on the entrance door it seems that, it was built in the Qajar era, and it became a Museum of Anthropology now. Each of the sculptures in different moods shows the HanaBandan ceremony. The decoration of the building is […]

Hayaghoogh tomb

Hayaghoogh tomb (Habakkuk Jewish prophet)

Hayaghoogh tomb (Habakkuk Jewish prophet) About 590 b.c. Al Nasr chance attacked Jerusalem and many Jews were killed, he captured near 20 thousand of them and took them to Babel. ProphetHayaghooghwho was the guard of the great temple in Jerusalem, was one of them. In 548 b.c. the great Kurosh attacked Babel and defeated Al […]

Shah Abadul Azim Shrine
National Botanical Garden - Jardin Nacional en Irán

National Botanical Garden

National Botanical Garden Iran (also known as Persia) is one of the biggest countries in South-west Asia covering an area of 1.6 million km². Iran is the 18th largest country in the world which roughly equals that of the United Kingdom, France, Spain, and Germany combined, or somewhat more than the US state of Alaska. […]

Attractions of Iran Vahdat hall

Vahdat Hall

Vahdat Hall This hall can be utilized for different purposes, from opera performance to classic concerts, as well as theater scène. With a capacity of 800+ audiences in a semicircular seat layout, Tehran’s sole standard opera hall is the place of conducting some of international events and festival.

Tehran Music Museum

Tehran Music Museum

Tehran Music Museum In north of Tehran surrounded by a beautiful garden there is music museum ,you can see all Iranian instruments that played in the past and now ,even some instruments that is invented recently. You can use an audio guide if you want. Despite the fact that most of Tehran habitats may not […]

Silk Road Gallery

Silk Road Gallery

Silk Road Gallery Silk Road’s primary focus is photographic art. It’s professionally run and a pleasure to visit.

Seyhoun Art Gallery

Seyhoun Art Gallery

Seyhoun Art Gallery Seyhoun has regular exhibitions of painting, photography, sculpture and graphic art in its distinctive, black-fronted gallery.

Park-e Shahr

Park-e Shahr in Tehran

Park-e Shahr in Tehran In the Park-e Shahr you can go ice skating (when it’s cold enough), take a boat trip on the tiny lake (in summer) and enjoy tea or qalyan in the teahouse. Or just sit and relax watching people relaxing.