Chahkouh pass

One of the most amazing pass at 70 km from the east part of chahou village which will astonish all visitors with its surprising corridors and fabulous shapes on its walls you can find at chahkouh pass , such like this wonderful geological phenomena have been found only in China , Britian , Germany and few other countries .
The erosion of sedimentary stones has created chahkouh pass or ravine the spectacular phenomenon which is still relatively unknown and has been visited by tourists.
Chahkouh pass is a display of sedimentary located at shahab district of Qeshm island and has 100m deep and considered as one of its most important tourist attractions.
This amasing ravine has become so narrow that to pass difficulty through while at the first was wide and surrounded by high walls which still exist the amasing ravine included four straits where the high walls stand and are only about 0.5-2 m apart . seemihngly that the revine and those revines around it had been shaped through collapse of a big anticline which has also created the salt dom knwn Namakdan (saltshaker)
By water erosion the long creases in the walls of chah kouh have been created and have caused multiple pits which look like spheres , spoon or lens . these designs and shapes formed on the walls of ravine are like dreams and look like the works of art.
A lot of pits in the walls of chahkouh are mainly created by wind , rain and heavy precipitation and the stones of ravine are of lime or calcium bicarbon and dissolved by water of rain and given rise to small pits which have enlarged in millions of years and formed fantastic corridors.