Choqazanbil Temple (Ziggurat)

On the 45 km. south east of Shoosh is one of the most beautiful and rare historical monuments, Ziggurat ChoghaZanbil, means a multi-story pyramid that has been registered as a global heritage.
, the only remnant of new Elamit civilization ancient city , named “Ontashgal”, that was built in 1300 B.C. . It was surrounded by three interconnected brick defensivewallsand the main entrance is in the eastern side of the largest wall. The royal Elamit buildings are between the first and second walls, The majorities of the chambers which surround the courtyard are square-shaped, and maintain welfare facilities such as kitchens and bathrooms, each of which belonged to a person or family. Thereiaalso the water supply and refinery system for city among the second and the third walls. The water refinery system was to provide drinking water for citizens, and is obviously one of the most ancient water supply systems. . In the center of the third wall, the main temple (Ziggurat) is is in square shape, made of bricks. A five-story pyramid, which originally was over 50 meters high. But just two floors remained, thefifthfloor was a place for idols, the most important idol was “Inshushinak”, the walls have Cuneiform inscriptions showing their believes. there are two circular platforms near the temple, they might be used as places for sacrifices or astrology.
The whole complex was ruined in 640 B.C. as a result of Assyrian conquests. This temple is one of the handmade astounding artistic phenomena, which has captured the attention of Iranian and foreign tourists. This temple was the first historical monument of Iran which was registered among the global heritage of UNESCO in the year 1979, and the international community attaches significant importance to this historical complex.