Iranian traditional ice cream

Iranian Ice cream

Traditional Ice cream also called Bastani made from Saffron , Vanilla , Rosewater , Milk , Eggs and Pistachios. Salep sometimes is used as ingredient . During the first days of this year close to 14.140 tons of Ice cream with the value of 463 Billion Rials ($12.4 million) was exported to Iraq ,Pakistan ,Bahrain and Kuwait […]

Sangak Iranian bread

Sangak Bread,Unforgettable taste

Sangak,Unforgettable taste Made of brown flour, Sangak is the most traditional bread in Iran. For fermenting the dough, the baker uses starter from the previous day’s batch. This replaces the use of yeast or baking powder bought from the store. After 1 to 2 hours of fermentation, the dough is stretched by experienced hands on […]

Persian Caviar

Caviar,forbidden taste!

How to serve the most aristocratic foods of the world Caviar,forbidden taste! If you decide to have a static poll you will realize a few people who has seen closely Caviar fish since now while mostly may have eaten or heard of Caviar. Some may say it tastes as rotten eggs but it’s wisely to […]

Gaz, A souvenir from Isfahan

Gaz, A souvenir from Isfahan So much certain is that there are not any documents to display the exact date of Gaz producing in Isfahan, therefore the historians and culture seeking people have paid insufficient attention to this part of the productive industry. Concerning Gaz,it should be said that its name has been derived from […]

Iranian Pomegranate porridge - Granada

Pomegranate porridge

Pomegranate porridge The porridge is one of the primary foods that man has used as a warm and beneficial food. As times passes, some more combinations of seasonings were added, and its taste and fragrant has changed and there are a vast variety of this popular food. It seems that the pomegranate porridge belongs to […]

Cotyledon dumplings

Yazdy Cotyledon dumplings

Yazdy Cotyledon dumplings This traditional Yazdy dish is cooked with some differences from the well-known dumplings of Tabriz .This dumpling is so delicious and fragrant and is one of the most popular and common dumplings in this province .This province’s mothers use cotyledon, barberry, fried onion, mince, raw and cooked eggs , tomato paste, salt […]

Chickpea dumplings

Chickpea dumplings

Chickpea dumplings It is also known as yazdidumplings, it is one of traditional food in Yazd province that is very popular among the people. This delectable food is made of mincemeat, onion, chickpea flour, vegetables like torreand parsley, turmeric, salt and pepper.

Verjuice porridge

Verjuice porridge

Verjuice porridge This porridge has been cooking by the housewives of bothYazd and Tabriz . This traditional dish has a lot of nutritious, which are so good for body health.The benefits of this food, that are caused by the verjuice, are eliminating thirst, reducing cholesterol and lowering blood sugar. Inhabitants in Yazd use bulgur wheat, […]

Pumpkin porridge

Pumpkin porridge

Pumpkin porridge This porridge is the Taft city traditional food in Yazd province. In addition to having good taste, it has great Nutritional properties. It is recommended that diabetics use this porridge and even it is good for preventing diabetes. Locals use dill, mung, beans, lentils, pumpkin, onion, peas , flour, salt, pepper oil and […]

Prunes and quinceporridge

Prunes and quinceporridge

Prunes and quinceporridge It is one of the original and traditional cuisines in Yazd province. The combination of prunes and quince, sweet and sour, gives interesting taste to this luscious dish. This is a sour-sweet stew, by adding some sugar, you may reduce the sour taste of prunes and make it more delectable. Thetempting aroma […]