Situated at the east of Kare-bas village of Kohmare-sorkhi county and 50 KM at the south of Shiraz, is one of the most beautiful region for Iranian travelers .(Five stunning straits in Fars province)
Dome asb canyon is one of the virgin and attractive areas that due to its river being and passing through waterways it is spectacular and charming to access straits should move from Shiraz toward Kohmare-sorkhi and direct to Kare-ebas village. Forest cover of oak trees and pure nature and towering mountains proves the enthusiast nature of this district.
The route is specified by kicking path with ups and down passages. Then you access to river and you may start pacing.
By continue the path in the river you will pass through beautiful valleys then entering to the lake approximately 100 meters. Rescue vest is needs due to landslides occured. By crossing the route you will again reach to Kare-bas village.