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Imam Khomeini Mosque in Tehran

Imam Khomeini Mosque in Tehran The Imam Khomeini Mosque is inside the Tehran bazaar and is one of the largest and busiest in Tehran. The building itself belongs to the 18th century. It is accessible by many routes through the bazaar. so it’s usually possible for non-Muslims to watch the faithful ablutions and praying.

abbas barzegar Nomad tent

Abbas Barzegar Tourism Village

Abbas Barzegar Tourism Village Abbas Barzegar and his household in Bavanat are famousworld-renowned in making the best organic dishes and holding the best nomadic tours in Iran. He and his family at all timesfashionmemorable experiences for our tourists and visitors by their tasty organic foods and marvelous village housing in their small private village. When […]

lion's statue

lion’s statue in Hamedan

lion’s statue in Hamedan lion’s statue is one of the few remnants of the reign of the kings of ancient Iran, in this area of the country. During Median and Achaemenian aremaking statues were so important, they believed statues would protect the cityfrom disasters and calamities . In931 when DylmyanconqueredHamedan they wanted to move the […]

qorban tower

Qorban tower

Qorban tower The Historical monument goes back to 1203 or 1303. There are some graves of the Seljuk rulers. During the insurgency of afghans in late safavid era , a man named Ghorban used this tower to protect the city and people, and that’s why the tower is called “ Ghorban tower” . the structure […]

Ganjnameh ancient

Ganjnameh inscriptions

Ganjnameh inscriptions These inscriptions are at the beginning of a road which was the king rout in Achaemenian era, they belong to Darius and Xerxes time. Each inscription is in 3 columns with 20 lines, in ancient Persian, Babylonian and old Elamite . Ancient Persian text is on the left side of the inscriptions. Babylonian […]

Ester and Mordekhai tomb

Ester and Mordekhai tomb

Ester and Mordekhai tomb In 539 b.c. after babel was vanquished by the great AchaemenianKurosh , many jews immigrated to Iran and especially Hegmataneh since it was then a very big and developed city. Ester and Mordekhai tomb, isOne of the most important Jewish shrines in Iran and in the world. It is said that […]

minab people

Minab: Traditional costumes and people

Minab:Traditional costumes and people Racial population of this city is a combination of arabs,original Iranians and Africans. Due to Iran’sethnic diversity, the traditional costumes of every region is unique and different .women of this region use various fabrics of kind , beautiful color andappealing design .they have chador in brown, mustard and gray-blue. Kamarchin dress […]

minab river

Minab river

Minab river It is said that the appellation of Minab is taken from abundant fresh water of its river .Minab plain has the antiquity of thousandyears.

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Thursday market in Minab

Thursday market in Minab This bazaar has antiquity of about 500 years. Once in this traditional market, a variety of handicrafts of this southern city were on the show. But now except the native vegetables and fruits ,there are new and modern stuff to sell. The main sellers of this market are women with burqa. […]

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Khoore-e Tiab

Khoore-e Tiab Harra jungles of Tiab is a preserved region.Khoor(bay) e Tiab is one of the most important bays in the region .The Harra jungles have important values in recreation and tourism industry, the most popular tourist activities is the mongro jungles and boat cruising through the magnificent jungles .Another tourist attraction is the bird […]