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Essence of Persia-18 days

ghare kelisa-Jolfa

Enjoy traveling to Iran with fantastic and unforgettable tours with any budget from economic to luxury. Iran cultural tours, religious tours, Iran nomad tours and adventures in the wild nature.
Since Iran has a variable climate with four distinct season we are offering a vast spectrum of tours in Iran and a variety of services that enable you to experience the best of Iran.

Day1 : Shiraz
Meet and greet at Shiraz international airport and transfer to hotel.Shiraz is a city well, it is the city of the history of Iran. For a long time this city was one of the most important centers of culture, art, commerce, through whose territory passed the Great Silk Road, which made her famous not only in Persia but also outside it.
This city will show monuments of history and culture such mosque Nasir-ol-Molk, the school of theology, the mausoleum of Hafez (or Saadi), the set Vakil (mosque, bath, citadel and market), Narenjestan palace and also the most wonderful mirror mosque called the tomb of Ali-ibn-hamze(shah cheragh).O/N Shiraz.

Day2:Shiraz – Persepolis – Shiraz
Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to visit the ancient city Persepolis.While Persepolis was the second capital of the Achaemenid Empire, which emerged in the VI-V centuries B.C. The town is 60 km north of Shiraz and 70 km from Pasargadae. Persepolis is a palace complex with an area of 135 000 m2, consisting of the ruins of religious buildings. Persepolis you will see with your own eyes the gates of the Quran and the palace of Persepolis Temple: was built in 500 A.C., and the funny thing is they were not the slaves who built it but free workers.Then visit the tombs of tsars Naghshe-Rostam and Naghshe-Radjab.O/N Shiraz.

Day3:Shiraz – Yazd (410 km)
Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to Yazd. Along the way, stop to visit the tomb of Pasagardae and cyrus. Arrival. O/N Shiraz.

Breakfast at the hotel. Today we have the tour Yazd: visit the Jame Mosque which was built in Yazd in the twelfth century under order of Ala-Odolekh garbash,Dowlat abad garden, the most beautiful monument of Yazd Monumental Complex of Amir Chakhmagh which was built by the governor of Yazd Amir Chakhmagh in the fifteenth century, in the time of the Timurids.Visit Zurkhaneh(house of strength ). O/N Yazd.

Day5:Yazd – Isfahan
Breakfast at the hotel. Today we have the half city tour in Yazd the Zoroastrian fire temple and the Towers of Silence an ancient Zoroastrian cemetery is just outside the city Yazd .Transfer to Isfahan. Arrival and lodging in the hotel.O/N Isfahan.

Breakfast at the hotel. Tour Isfahan.
Isfahan is not just a city, is the center of the world. It is one of the most attractive regions for tourists. Here it is concentrated the largest number of architectural monuments amazed by its grandeur, elegance and uniqueness. Here it appears that while Isfahan was the capital of the great empire. In this city you visit Imam Khomeini Square. The old name of the square is the square of Naghshe Jahan (which means “the portrait of the world”) and until 1979 this square was called the Square of the Shah. After the Islamic revolution every Friday in the square Friday prayer is performed. The square stretches 560 meters from north to south and 165 meters west to east. The current appearance of the square was formed in the sixteenth century when Isfahan was the capital of the Safavid Empire. Now the square is part of the World Heritage of UNESCO.
On all sides the square is surrounded by important historical monuments will visit: south of the square the Mosque of Imam stands, west palace Ali Qapu, east Mosque of Sheikh Lotfallah, north Grand Bazaar , which extends to 2 km. In the afternoon from one of the beautiful bridges of Isfahan(Sio-se –pol or khajoo bridge) you will see the waters of Zayende-Rood river.O/N Isfahan.

Day7:Isfahan Free for shopping in the market.O/N Isfahan.

Day8: Isfahan-Kashan.
Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to Kashan. Excursion:
Kashan, the second important city in the province of Isfahan, Kashan is 242 km south of Tehran. lamentable would leave Iran without visiting it. Kashan is proud to have been built more under one of the cradles of human civilization, finding located near the famous hills of Sialk historical pre (6th millennium BC to the 8th millennium J.C.). Most objects found in that place are exposed at the National Museum of Tehran.
Kashan met the peak of its prosperity under the Safavids (1501-1722). Renowned for the quality of its ceramics and its glazed tiles, Kashan was also an important center of carpet weaving and fabric until the 18th century Kashan has one of the most beautiful gardens of Persian fashion can be seen. Traditional houses of Kashan are half hidden in the ground to escape the desert heat. In Kashan visit Fin complex including visiting the garden and sauna and several houses(Tabatabaei house and Boroujerdi house)
O/N Kashan.

Day9: Kashan-Tehran.
Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to Tehran. If we arrived on time visit Golestan Palace. If not arrived in time the visit will take place the next day.O/N Tehran.

Day10: Tehran
Breakfast at the hotel. Tehran excursion in the second part of the day.Visit Jewelry Museum, Carpet Museum and National Museum.O/N Tehran.

Day11: Tehran
Breakfast at the hotel. Continued tour.Today we visit the Museum of History Iran Bastan, Reza Abbasi Museum Islamic. Knowledge of ancient architecture, glassware and ceramics in the Obgineh Museum.
O/N Tehran.

Day12: Tehran-Qazvin
Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to Qazvin. Excursion.Qazvin is a centuries-old city that was once the capital of Iran.Visit the Mosque and Ali Qapu that today is a museum.O/N Qazvin.

Day13: Qazvin – Anzali
Breakfast at the hotel. In the morning drive to Anzali.Along the way we will visit the Solatanie dome.O/N Anzali.

Day14: Azali – Tabriz
Breakfast at the hotel. Drive to Tabriz. O/N Tabriz.

Day15: Tabriz-Kandovan-Tabriz
Breakfast at the hotel. Visit one of the oldest cities in Iran – Tabriz: Blue Mosque, Azerbaijan Museum, Arg-e Alishah and incredible people in Kandovan village.O/N Tabriz.

Day16: Tabriz – Lake Urmie-Tabriz
Breakfast at the hotel. Drive to Lake Urmie a biospheric preserve (UNESCO), the largest lake in the Middle East.O/N Shiraz.

Day17: Tabriz-Jolfa-Tabriz
Breakfast at the hotel. Drive to visit the city Jolfa. Along the way, we will also visit Marand city, visit the Church of St. Thaddeus (Black) and Sv.SenStepanusa.Back to Tabiz.O/N Tabriz.

Day18:Tabriz – Departure
Transfer to international airport for departure flight.


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