Ester and Mordekhai tomb

In 539 b.c. after babel was vanquished by the great Achaemenian Kurosh , many jews immigrated to Iran and especially Hegmataneh since it was then a very big and developed city. Ester and Mordekhai tomb, is One of the most important Jewish shrines in Iran and in the world. It is said that they were saviors and prophets of the Jewish people. Dome of the tomb is from the Islamic style. In the middle of a square room, on the two tombs, there are two precious inlaid boxes . The older box belongs to ester, the box is decorated with hebrew textlines , and somehow point to the way it was made. The second one is mostly like the first , belongs to mordekhai, that was made in 1300. It is said that ester became the queen in Achaemenian era and had saved Iranian jews .