Galedari mosque and Hammam

– Galedari Mosque was constructed in 1878 in the Qajar era. it has a yard,minarets, beautiful mihrab. There are 36 pillars in the yard which are blemished with beautiful stucco. There are some calligraphy on stone in the mosque. The marvelous mihrab has the depth of 1.30 meters and 4 meters high also embellished with beautiful stucoo.Galedari Mosque has been registered as a National Heritage Site.

– Galedari Bathhouse was built during 1785-1925 in the Qajar era,
marine rocks, Sponges and local Sarooj were used as construction materials.being the only historical bath in Bandar Abbas, it has a changing room, a hot chamber, a hot water pool, five large and small domes. The small hashti was used to moderate the temperature inside, there are some wax sculptures illustrating the way people used the bath in past.