Ganjnameh inscriptions

These inscriptions are at the beginning of a road which was the king rout in Achaemenian era, they belong to Darius and Xerxes time. Each inscription is in 3 columns with 20 lines, in ancient Persian, Babylonian and old Elamite . Ancient Persian text is on the left side of the inscriptions. Babylonian text is in the middle of both inscriptions and Elamite text is located in the third column. According to the holes near the inscription, it seems that the insulation had been used to maintain them against wind and rain.
The inscription on left belongs to the great Darius, saying :”A great god is Ahura Mazda, who created this earth, that sky, people , happiness for people,who let Darius to be the king, a king among many, a ruler among many, I am Darius, the great king, King of Kings, king of territories that have different races, king of extensive territories, sun of Vyshtasb the Achaemenian. “