Gaz, A souvenir from Isfahan

So much certain is that there are not any documents to display the exact date of Gaz producing in Isfahan, therefore the historians and culture seeking people have paid insufficient attention to this part of the productive industry.
Concerning Gaz,it should be said that its name has been derived from the main material used in its production which is called Gazanggebin. Gazanggebin itself is extracted from a plant by the name of Gavan or Gaz. It is acquired after natural changes in August or September. This plant mainly grows in Zagros mountain feet located in the west of Iran plateau. At present, it is acquired in Kuhrang area or Lorestan province in little quantities. During the Qajar period rich people would bring some insufficient quantities of this product to Isfahan only to use for Halva (some kind of sweet) producing and for themselves only. In the end of Qajar period, the Halva producing men who, using their own experiments, produced Halva with grape juice or date sap and some kind of bleaching material called Chubak, began to produce Gaz with Gazanggebin, sugar, egg white and pistachio or almond until it started its mass production after 1920 AD. Meanwhile ,during the years 1947 to 1957 all the Gaz producers of Isfahan being busy only with this job were so few. However, since 1963 Gaz production was so developed and industrialized. At present, regardless of the units producing both Gaz and confections, there are over two hundered units busy with only Gaz producing.
In the end, it should be mentioned that Gaz production, whether from the quantity or quality point of view, is under the proficiency of Isfahan Qaz producers, therefore you are recommended to strictly avoid purchasing products produced in villages and suburbsbnin some infamous shops.