Gian historic hill and village

This hill is one of the oldest historic remnants. Archaeologists date this region 37 centuries before Christ. Historians believed that in 5500 to 5700 years ago, people who lived in the hills, were indigenous people of Iran and had civilizations like Mesopotamia. Later this nation was disappeared by European and Asian immigrant groups, and new people have created a brilliant civilization that has no resemblance to the civilization of Mesopotamia.Professor Roman Ghirshman with doctor Kento from the Louvre in Paris in 1911 carried out studies and excavations on the hill, and its history was attributed to the 37th century BC.Many works from the excavation of the hill are now in the major museums such as the Louvre’s and the ancient Iran museum, among which are the Golden Cup and painted pottery noted.Ghirshman and the accompanying delegation drilled Gyan hill to a depth of 19 meters, and as the result of its investigation they found 5 floors with distinct characteristics, which showed 5 eras of the old civilization.