Golestan Palace

The Golestan Palace complex is composed of several large buildings set in a delicate garden. They were first belonged to the Qajar kings. One is the Ivan-e Takht-e Marmar , another is  Audience hall , a mirrored, open-fronted audience hall. It was made in the early 1800s.This hall was used on ceremonial occasions. The other building is the Khalvat-e Karim Khani constructed in 1759 that was Karim Khan Zand’s house. Negar Khane is a place which exhibits a collection of Qajar-era art, and pictures of everyday life in 19th-century in Iran . Talar-e Ayaheh museum was Built during 1874 ­­- 1877 , it was used for the coronation of Shah in 1967 and royal weddings. In addition the Howze Khaneh shows a collection of paintings and sculptures of 19th-century European royalty.  The famous Shams-Al Emarat which blends European and Persian architectural traditions has panoramic view of the city. It was built in 1865 – 1867. Inside a sequence of mirrored and tiled rooms is a collection of photographs. The notable Emarat-e Badgir has mirror work and a Photograph Gallery of the Historic Qajar court life. The last but not least is the tiny Talar-e Almas that has the decorative arts of  especially 18th- and 19th, and a tiled floor and The attractive teahouse underneath .Ethnographical Museum near the main entrance, shows a range of mannequins in traditional ethnic costumes.