Harra sea forest

Every time in the year harra jungles attract many tourists to Qeshm island .this extra ordinary plant area does not need sweet water. In tails it is said that these plants are the legend of human tears. Harra trees grow in Meser, Saudi Arabia and south coast of Iran . harra jungles are international preserved area. These ever green sea jungles are the most beautiful tourist attractions in Qeshm. These trees grow in shallow parts of sea. The depth of these places does not exceed 1.5 meters. So when the water is high in tide, in the bluish water of Persian gulf the jungle seems to be floating ,and when the tide goes down for 7 to 6 hours the trees appear . harra jungles in Qeshm region has three names : international preserved area, Biosphere supply, international pond , because about 80% of Persian gulf Aquatics spend their Spawning period in these jungles.