Hayaghoogh tomb (Habakkuk Jewish prophet)

About 590 b.c. Al Nasr chance attacked Jerusalem and many Jews were killed, he captured near 20 thousand of them and took them to Babel. ProphetHayaghooghwho was the guard of the great temple in Jerusalem, was one of them. In 548 b.c. the great Kurosh attacked Babel and defeated Al Nasr chance. He ordered to release all the prisoners, then prophet Hayaghoogh came to Iran and settled in Toyserkan, and buried there. Prophet Hayaghoogh lived in Prophet Daniel era. His holy body wonderfully came out of the ground in 1993 while his body was intact and bruises on his body were fully exposed. Habakkuk statue of marble and some images of him, are now in the Vatican Museums in Italy. The existing building was built in Seljuk era in 1203.