Travel Guide of Iran


Iran is a vast country (18th in the world) with different climates and different geographical specifications with full of touristic places. If you wish to visit the most in Iran, definitely you need a good travel guide. In the following, some brief useful information about Iran and its mysterious history is presented. We wish you a very good travel to Iran. There are many attractions in this undiscovered country for any tastes. Certainly you will take back unforgettable memories from this travel.

Enigmatic history of Iran starts from 9000 years ago with conforming village habitations in the Iranian Plateau, one of the world’s oldest major civilizations. few millenniums later we see the rise of first known over_developed civilization at its time (about 5200 years ago) in the Burnt City nearby present-day city of Zabol. Then followed by the entrance of Aryans and the kingdom of Medians and Achaemenids. Achaemenids founded the largest empire in all over the history. The empire at its peak ruled over 44% of the world’s population, the highest such figure for any empire in history[reference]. They exported the Persian culture to many countries of Asia and even Europe.
Maybe the “Prince of Persia” legend and the story of glorious palaces with amazing wealth in them and imperial paradises come from that era. We can see the remaining relics of them in Persepolis nearby Shiraz and Apadana palace in the city of Susa (Shush).
[For more information please read the interesting article “one million bricks to the god of Shush” and Wikipedia article]


This country has experienced Greeks, Arabs and Mongols invasions and its mysterious history has been followed by rise and fall of great kingdoms. In the brilliant era of Islamic civilization (around the middle ages in the Europe) Iran _formerly known as Persia_ undertook the scientific and philosophical leadership of this civilization and played a key role in the success of this growing and glowing civilization.[more info].
Hence each city of Iran is a treasury of culture, history and traditions. there are many sightseeing spots, historical monuments, archeological sights and natural attractions in each city. Each city has its own culture, traditions, architecture and even language and dialect. With a little guidance you can find out cultural aspects of Iranians and become more familiar with their traditions. There are fabulous mosques, temples and archeological relics in Iran, that you shouldn’t miss to visit.

Ecotourism and Geotourism Aspects

From a geographical point of view, Iran is a vast country with different mines, sources, marvelous natural attractions and variety of climates. You can see snow in the north of this country and have a warm day in the south at the same time. Deserts, lakes, high mountains, mineral waters, natural spas, waterfalls and the largest lake in the world (Caspian sea) in the north and Persian Gulf in the south are some of touristic places in Iran. These touristic attractions have made Iran as one of the best ecotourism and geotourism destinations in the world. That’s why more than 5million tourists visit Iran each year.

In this travel guide we tried to introduce some of the most important cities of Iran with rich historical and cultural values. You can visit these cities through our “Nomad Tours”, “cultural tours”, “Religious Tours” and “Ecotourism Tours”. In addition our tour operators can help you with more information about touristic places and the schedule of tours.

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