Iran nuclear deal:Hops set to rise about tourism after nuclear deal

In the wake of nuclear agreement in Vienna the Iranian officials hope and assert that not any other industry in Iran will see a bigger boost than tourism and bright days be ahead for the country’s tourism industry.

Iran tourism industry has delighted by the result of nuclear deal and lifting sanctions that have crippled and hobbled the Iranian economy.

Iran by and by is hoping to welcome 20 Million  tourism a year in the fate of nuclear deal and that’s why all tour operators and hoteliers have celebrated to open up tourism industry in Iran.

Michael Pullman ,marketing manager of UK-based tour operator wild frontiers which has been taking western tourist to Iran for the past 10 years said demands for Iran tours have soared the nuclear deal was reached earlier this week. He also said when the demand to visit Iran has significantly increased few countries in the world can boast a history as old and rich as Iran which was a Zoroastrian   country before Islam arrived. Iran is home to some of the most magnificent historical and archaeological sites such a Persepolis the capital of the largest empire that the world has ever seen.

Iran with religion and cultural diversity delivers an eclectic mix of cultures and a colorful   historic lessons to the world and in reverse of the title by George bush given to Iran as axis of evil and created disgust against Iran which couldn’t help things but taken time for Iran to rid itself of the label and prove that is one of most trustable country in the world.

While terrorist activities have increased and are rampant all over the world and are making problems in the region and most western countries. Iran is incredibly safe and no news with what’s going at the moment by this group.

Is Iran safe to visit?

Mc cuinness said : the country is very safe I have travelled there myself five or six times over the last two years and we have never had any problem with anybody. iran is probably the most friendly ,most welcoming country I’ve ever been in.

Also Pullman agreed: I felt very safe. If you look at the countries surrounding Iran such as Syria, Iraq, Turkey, they are unsafe but Iran is quite a strictly – controlled country. You feel safe walking in the street I felt safer there than I do in most places in London.

Pullman visited Iran last year and noted that Iran with it’s young population , I think over 60% is under 33 it has a history of being a cultured nation and very well educated it has also one of the highest  female university anywhere in the world.

Iran begins to set significant steps toward building hotels across the country .it is told that 11 hotels were built last year and more likely to be built. we already noted that the UAE-bassed Rotana hotels in planning to open a number of hotels in Iran and France’s leading hotelier ,accor is involved  in at least two four star hotels in the country.

Goalbang Tour and Travel Agency with the local name of Greetingiran as a leading and well organized tour operator in Iran is estimated to increase it’s tourist attraction twice as much during the current year ,and believe more tourist will visit Iran in the fate of nuclear deal.