Who Needs a Visa?

Who Needs a Visa?

Well, almost everyone! Currently the majority of foreign visitors need a visa to enter Iran. Citizens of Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovenia and Turkey are eligible to travel for up to three months without a visa.

Different Types Of Visa

Iran issues different types of visa depending on your purpose of travelling.
Our agency will help you get your visa completely.
There are 2 kind of visas

    • 1 .tourist visa:

Travelers need to get reference number from ministry of foreign affairs. (MFA). To get one, you need a invitation from Iran, usually it can be a tour operating agency.

    • 2. Airport visa:

A kind of visa travelers from announced country list by ministry of foreign affairs., may get in airports. The visa period is two weeks, the airports which give airport visa are : Tehran imam,mehrabad, mashhad,shiraz,tabriz and isfahan . In regard to the decisions of ministry of foreign affairs the length of visa can be extended for 2 more weeks.

How to get one then?

How to get one then?

Iran visa issuance

To apply and obtain an Iranian visa, is an easy but time consuming procedure. If you have planned to visit Iran, you should apply for a visa a few weeks in advance and contact your closest Iranian Embassy or Consulte to find out the exact length of time required to process a visa. The time period is usually about eight weeks if you want to apply on your own or 10-21 days if you want to leave the process up to an Iranian travel agency. Check out your nearest Iranian Embassy here: www.triptopersia.com/visa/list-of-iranian-embassies

If you want to get your visa through greetingiran.com, we will be glad to help you through the legal and official procedures.

You can apply for Iranian visa through this link.

Visa Process

Visa Process

There are two key stages to obtaining a visa for Iran; getting the Authorization Number and getting the visa itself. Things can get confusing. There are step by step instructions below, however to help keep things simply here is some handy information:

Visa Application Form: The first Visa Application Form you will complete (if you are going through a travel agency such as Trip to Persia) is to obtain an Authorization Number. This can be found below. Send it by email to [email protected], with your CV and a clear scanned image of the first page of your passport.

Letter of Invitation: Once Trip to Persia receives your Visa Application Form they will send a Letter of Invitation to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) in Tehran. The Letter of Invitation is effectively us telling the MFA that we will vouch for you whilst you are in Iran.

Authorization Number: Once the MFA approves the Letter of Invitation they will send an Authorization Number to Trip to Persia and we will then send it to you and to your chosen Embassy or Consulate.

Visa Application Form: The second Visa Application Form you will complete is the form required by your chosen Embassy or Consulate. This can either be obtained by collecting it from the Embassy or Consulate or downloading it from their website. There will be a section on the form where you need to write your Authorization number.

Basically, the first thing to do is choose your visa type and to give us the correct information as required in the Visa Application Form below. Once you have filled the Visa Application Form, send it by email to [email protected], with your CV and a clear scanned image of the first page of your passport. We will send these documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) in Tehran which is the only department that issues and authorizes visas. Once approving your visa, they will send us an authorization code/invitation letter which we will forward to your preferred Embassy and also to your email address. Now all you need to do is fill out the Visa Application Form that can be found on the website of the Iranian Embassy or Consulate in your country, go to your chosen Embassy or Consulate with your passport (it should be valid for at least 6 months after your date of entry in Iran and have at least two blank pages), completed application form and two passport photos (women must be wearing a headscarf in the photos) or mail the application with your passport and passport photos to the Embassy with a return envelope included. You will receive your visa shortly (usually less than three days).

Iran-Embassy- Iran-Visa-Collection-Form-Sample

Step-by-Step Process

Step-by-Step Process

A. Choose your itinerary, fill out the Visa Application Form, and send a scanned copy of the first page of your passport to [email protected]

B. Your Visa Application Form will be checked and within 48 hours, we will either confirm the application or inform you if there is any important information missing. If you have chosen one of Trip To Persia’s tour packages we offer this service for free as a gift, and in the case that you do not require the Authorization Number you will only need to pay 30€ for the visa when you arrive in Iran.

C. In 10 working days the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will update us with your visa status. 
If your request has been rejected, go to (D) and If your request has been approved, go to (E).

D. Usually less than 5% of visa requests are rejected. In this case. If this happens are allowed to apply on one more occasion.

E. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will fax your invitation letter to your preferred Iranian Embassy or Consulate and our visa department will provide you with the reference number of your visa. You will then need to contact the Iranian Embassy or Consulate by phone or email and make sure that your invitation letter has arrived. If your invitation has arrived, go to (G) and if it has not, go to (F).

F. If your invitation letter has not arrived yet, you should inform our visa department and we will ask Ministry of Foreign Affairs to resend it.

G. Once you have received an email from us with your Authorization Number you can complete the Visa Application Form required by the Embassy or Consulate. In addition to this, you are required to submit two passport photos with your application. Note: Women need to wear a headscarf in the photos and ensure that all hair is covered. Make sure that you ensure that your passport has at least two blank pages and that it is valid for at least six months after your intended date of entry into Iran.

H. Once you have assured your invitation letter has arrived at the Iranian Embassy or Consulate and you have completed the forms and obtained passport photos, proceed as follows:

1. Go to the Iranian Embassy or Consulate with the visa reference number, your passport completed visa application form, two passport photos and visa fee. You should will receive your visa within one or two working days.


2. Post this form along with the visa reference number, your passport two passport photos and visa fee, and a self addressed envelope to return your passport. You should receive your visa by post after one working week.

Visa Fee

Visa Fee

There are two different visa fees. The amount we charge is for the initial paperwork to recieve your authorization number and letter of invitation. The other fee is the consular fee which you pay directly to the Iranian Embassy or Consulate where you will collect your visa. (Usually 60-70 US$ depending on your nationality).

Visa On Arrival, is it possible?

Visa On Arrival, does it work in Iran?

A passport that is valid and a visa are required for the citizens of most countries to travel inside Iran. However,fromthe year 2006, the regulationshave been facilitated and VOA has gotten available for particular nationalities.

VOAs are issued at the chosen airports in Iran. These airports are Imam Khomeini in Tehran, and the airports of Shiraz, Mashhad,Tabriz,Kermanshah and Isfahan ONLY. The visa is valid for at most fourteen days and costs sixteen Euros (plus 10 euros for each companion in your passport). You will obtain the documents on arrival. It is recommended for you to submit the subsequent forms:

  • Citizens of Turkey,Syria and the Republic of Azerbaijan do NOT require a visa to enter Iran.
  • Visas on arrival can be extended for up to 30 days. We intensely advise you to apply for a normal tourist visa (valid for three months) at an Iranian embassy through our Visa services.

Airport tourist visa is issued for the following nationalities (alphabetically ordered):

“A” : Albania, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan

“B” : Bahrain, Belarusian, Belgium , Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria

“C” : China, Columbia, Cyprus, Croatia

“D” : Denmark

“F” : Finland, France

“G” : Georgia, Germany, Greece

“H” : Holland, Hungary

“I” : India, Indonesia , Ireland, Italy

“J” : Japan

“K” : Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan

“L” : Lebanon , Luxemburg

“M” : Malaysia, Mexico, Mongolia

“N” : New Zealand, Netherlands, North Korea, Norway

“O” : Oman

“P” : Palestine, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal

“Q” : Qatar

“R” : Romania, Russia Federation

“S” : Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria

“T” : Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkmenistan

“U” : UAE United Arabic Emirates, Ukraine, Uzbekistan

“V” : Venezuela, Vietnam

“Y” : Yugoslavia

Visa For Americans,Canadians and British citizens

Visa For Americans,Canadian and British citizens

Just as nationals from most other countries, British,Canadian and American citizens are most welcome to Iran. The only point to consider is that they must be accompanied by a tour guide and should have a pre-designed itinerary which they should follow precisely during the trip. We can assure you that you will have no problems for travelling to Iran if you contact us in advance to do all the preparations for your trip.The authorization process varies based on the nationality of applicant for example American nationals should allow 30 to 35 days, British and Canadian citizens 20 days and other nationalities between7 to 14 days, for the application to be processed.

Some important points to remember

Some important points to remember

  • The information in your visa application form must be exactly the same as the information in your passport.
  • Your CV does not need to be highly detailed. Just send us some information about your academic and professional background.
  • The passport image that you send us must be clear and of a good quality.
  • The Embassy or Consulate you choose in the application form will be where they issue your visa. It can be difficult to change the place of the visa issuance, so please make sure you are choosing the right one.
  • Check the Embassy or Consulate website to ensure that have the correct documents specific to that Embassy or Consulate. Fortunately, in some Embassies you can follow your visa issuance process all the way by email or post services.
  • You are allowed to stay in Iran for 30 days on a Tourist Visa. However, it is the MFA in Tehran that decides how many days you are allowed to stay in Iran. Visa extensions are possible.
  • The validity of your visa is three months from when it is issued, however you are only allowed in Iran for the dates you have specified on your application form, unless you extend your visa.
  • The visa process will usually take 2 weeks for non-US citizens and 40 working days for US citizens.
  • Israeli citizens, those who want to enter Iran with an Israeli passport or an Israel visa/stamp in their passports (either valid or expired) can not get a visa under any circumstances.
  • Journalists, politicians and political activists may have problems obtaining visas. Please contact us for further information if this may affect you.
  • It is important to note that when you enter Iran you are subject to all the laws of the country, even if such laws do not exist in your home country. Please check with your Department of Foreign Affairs for information on any laws that may differ between Iran and your home country.
  • All the information provided above, particularly in relation to fees and time frames for visa processing can change overnight, although we will do our best to ensure that the information on this website is up to date, we encourage you to continue to check with your local Embassy or Consulate for any changes.

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