Iranian Foods

If you are in love with food and travel and you want to experience both of  them at the same time  IRAN is the best choice ,IRAN is among three mother cooking schools in the world .the two other schools are Chinese and Romans and all the other country’s cuisine originate from these three major schools.

Iranian cuisine is one the most unique and historically traditional type of cuisines in the world beside it’s fabulous culture and nature .

In Iranian cuisine RICE has the main role, it’s served with almost all Iranian dishes and it’s called “Chelo”

The most common beverage found in Iran is called “Doogh”.it is made by blending  yogurt with water and dried mint.

Traditional bread in Iran would be what be what other countries would consider as” flat bread “ ,flat bread is served at every meal ,used to soak up the delicious sauce used in most Iranian food.

Among the variety of breads “ Sangak “ is the most delicious and the most popular  one .” Sangak” is made by full flour and it’s baked in special oven which is full of hot grit .

But what about dishes?

We have some dishes that are common all around the country and they are served in special ceremonies like wedding parties.

One of them is called “kebab” that is mostly served with rice .we have different kind of “kabab” such as “koobide” “ barg” “chenje”. The other formal dish is fried chicken which is also served with rice and decorated with kind of wild fruit called “zereshk” that is called “zereshk polo”