Iranian Herbal

Herbal Extract
Drinking herbal extract has been common in iran from long time ago .the use herbal extract not only for thirst-qunenching in a hot summer days but also aa threatment to some illnesses.
There are different herbal extract that use in iran such as PUSSYWILLOW “bidemeshk”, JONQUIL “nastaran” ,TOBACCO “kasni” ….
But among all of them the most famous one is ROSEWATER “golab”. Rose water get from distillation of rose which has the best fragrance among other flowers and it also has a lot of health benefits as well .
Based on new documents Iranians were the first people who get rose water from the rose and then transfer it to the other parts of the world.
Two cities in iran are known globally for their rosewater:
“ghamsar” in “kashan” and “meymand” in “fars”
every year from early april to may there is the “rose fest”. in these two cities and people around the country try to be there an enjoy this beautiful and rosy fest .you can smell the flower everywhere ,and local women cook some local food,they wear their local clothes and you can see all aspect of their local life in this traditional fest.