Presence in desert is the best way to self-knowledge. Recently unveiling desert has been replaced with tourism industry.  Desert rally has attracted many tourists to the vast deserts of Iran especially in the fall. The best time to travel in desert.
Here are the most attractive desert rallies in Iran …

Necessary equipment  for desert rally :
Light mountaineer shoes.  Clothes for excursion.  Supplement clothes. Hat and sun glasses.  Hygienic equipment and personal drugs.Identity certificate.  Flask  sandals.  Glass and personal cover.
1.Tabas and  Naiband:
They are the most beautiful desert areas. The tour  includes walking in Morteza  Ali  valley,  Passing natural hot springs,  Visiting  shah  Abbasi  arch, Touring Azmighan  village,  Visiting  Dige  Rostam  hot springs, swimming,  walking in citrus fruits and date palms and gardens, VisitingNaibod intact valley, passing salt field and desert.
2. Khartoon  desert  ( national park ):

The  secondlarge preserved region which  for  its  incomparable biodiversity historical villages like GhaleBala, was chosen as biosphere reserved area by unesco.
the Tour includes:
Visiting Motabagh and GhaleBala village.  Getting acquaintance with community and convention. Visiting  IranianPanther and zebra propagation site.  Watching wildlife region, have a rest in the delightful Majra oasis.  Eventually touring cultural sites of  bastam.
3. Bootia and  Loot :
the Tour includes
Visiting Ghanje Ali khan Kerman complex.  Vakil  complex. Harandi  garden museum  . Jabalie  arch.  Caravanserai and  castle  of Shafi  Abad.  Ancient Payab.  Shah dad kloots.  Olden castle  of bam.  Car factory.  New Castle.  Appearance of subterranean canals of  bam  (Ghanat) . Rain  castle. Shah  Zadeh  Allah  garden.  Bath house museum.  Shah  Nemat Allah and  traditional tea house.
4. Mesr.  Garme.  Farahzad:

This  villages have  dwelling for  travelers.  guests  will  have enchanting experience of  peerless stay in houses of mod and bricks.
the Tour includes:
Visiting NaeenJame mosque. Cloak  making workshop.  .walking on quicksand hills. Visiting  palms and enjoying the  aspects of desert villages. After visiting the  salt lake You may stay in Atashoni traditional hostel.
5. Maranjab  desert :
From  tourists aspects. , it is  the most interested desert areas in Iran especially for watching the  horizon in mysterious nature of desert.
Salt lake sand  hills.  Maranjab shah Abbasi Caravanserai.Kashan and traditional houses of Tabatabaee and  Boroojerdi and Manoochehri.  And Fin bath.