This park is a specimens of wildlife and various herbal species zone and is a sample of desert and arid climate kind of ecosystem the park with an area of 4000 square kilometers located 100 km east of Qom in Semnan and Isfahan provinces. Cultural and historical monument such as Qasr-e-Bahram caravanserai, Nahr-e- Sang and sangfarsh are also located there. About 359 plant species such as ephedra mountain almond, wild pistachio, poppy mallow , etc… have been found this area.

The kavir national park is also home to many important wildlife species such as hyena, Asian cheetah, leopard, birds such as flamingo, golden eagle.

This protected ecological zone, also known as the Little Africa, has below the minimum rainfall in the country. Therefore, its rare vegetation is adapted to the drought.

Namak Lake (Salt Lake) sits outside the park’s boundaries. This is actually a salt marsh, and water flows into the lake from the north via Qom River, which also flows through the northern part of Kavir National Park.