Malek historic mansion

This large mansion was built with command of malek o-tojar, a great merchant , in bushehr, in Qajar era. during one of his trips to Paris he loved one of his friend’s house , then decided to have the same one in bushehr, so he hired the architecture of the house in Paris and added his own ideas to the site plan and built this beautiful house. This house has four parts : the first one is Pishkhan, an open space in front of the house, the second part is Platform and the third part is facade and entrance , and the last part is the main building in two floors and has painted walls. The first floor was for official meetings and the second floor was for private parties. In addition to the said parts , there were nested gardens that were separated with some rows of walls . each garden has its own erntance to connect to the other parts or out side . each garden had their own Decorations and atmosphere.