Miankaleh Peninsula

Miankaleh is Peninsula in an Extreme southeast of the Caspian Sea, In 12 kilometers in North of behshahr city, in Mazandaranprovince of Iran. Its area is more than 608 thousand hectares, and its height is between 15 to 28 meters below the Sea level. In 1969 it was determined as “ preserved area “ and now with titleslike Wildlife Refuge, International Pond and the naturalbiosphere reserve is under the protection of the environmental organization.
One of the reasons why Miankaleh is so important is that in all the southern coast of the Caspian Sea, there is no region where the natural environment is completelyintact, exceptMiankaleh . All other beaches have Widely changed with Human constructions such as roads, cities , villages and factories. . for this reason the Wellness if this region, is important for the health of the whole Caspian Sea. The Relative health of Miankaleh ,Makesthe ponds and beaches in this area to be best place for the migratory birds, Hatchery and main habitat of many fishesin the Caspian Sea, Especially carp and mullet and sturgeon.Nearly half of Iran’s caviar comes from the waters of this region.

Miankaleh preserved area
The Protection of Miankaleh , goes back to 1969, when itwas determined as “ preserved area “. In 1975Miankaleh , Gorgan Bay and surrounding ponds Were registered As one of the first international ponds in The Ramsar Convention And in the same year the degree of its protection Was promoted to “Wildlife Refuge” And a year later UNESCO announced there as a “biosphere nature reserve,” .
Environmental value of these areas is largely due to the presence of about 200 species of birds. Most of them are migratory birds that are overwintering in Miankaleh . However, due to shrub cover and adequate security, there is a permanent home for Caspian pheasant and Drudge.
International pond
The Miankaleh pond is located In the West Ashuradeh.
wild life
Today, among the mammals, only the jackal, fox, porcupine, wild cat, wild boar, wild cat, Hares, porcupines, bats, small rodents,wild horses, remain in the area and The generation of some of these animals are also threatened. Among the migratory birds, that the reputation of Miankaleh is because of them ; are :ducks, wild goose, whooper swan, sagha the gray foot, Pelican, brid Goose, yellow foot Goose, little Peacock, chenagar and with margunes, Flamingo, gilanshah, wood foot, Qar, Heron, bakelan, Perla, khodka, Bee eater, Kakai, sea Swallow, Falarup, sea Falcon, Bahri, with tail eagle . among the native birds inMiankaleh , we can name : Caspian Pheasants, deraj, little Levant Sparrowhawk, long tail Titmouse.
Totally, there are 207 Plant species from 46 ilkdetected In Miankaleh , witch 17 species of them are Trees and shrubs. . Miankaleh plants according to soil conditions are aquatic vegetation, halophytes and Sand friend.A large jungle full of wild Pomegranate and Raspberry bushes are in the region that are Food and nesting places of birds in the area. Sazyl, Medlar, Hackberry,black tello, Poplar, Salt grass,Sedgeand Knotweed grass are Other plants of the area.
• Fishes : Carp, Mullet, kalemeh, The white fish,suph , mash and karas.