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Iran is celebrated for its cultural riches. Its mosques and mausoleums are famous for their glorious ornateness, and the magnificent ruins of ancient cities, particularly
Persepolis, are more reminders of Iran’s cultural brilliance……….has been taking travelers to Iran since 19……, introducing its wonders, from the pinnacles of Islamic architecture in splendid Esfahan to the pulsing Grand
Bazaar of Tabriz.


Did you know?

Among many interesting fact about this country we have to mention three that I found particularly unique from the places we have visited before. Iran is ruled by a calendar that is now known as Solar Hijri. Made up of 6 months of 31
days, 5 of 30 and one of 29 or 30 (depending on whether or not a leap year). For them the New Year, called Nowruz, begins at the spring equinox and is the largest national celebration. Also, according to Islamic law Friday is the
weekly holiday. Consequently Sunday is a normal working day on which banks and embassies are open, a bit odd to Western culture. Iran has also a peculiar time difference relative to GMT +03:30 hours world of difference. Finally we found
out that there is a strong no-weapon policy in the country and police man normally do not carry any fire arm. Needless to say we felt very safe in every place we went in the country.


30 days visa issuance

it is a New facility for foreign tourists. 30 days visa issuance in airports of Iran has been executed. …



Medical Tour in Iran

Thanks to its numerous highly equipped hospitals with specialist personnel and skilled physicians, Iran has the ….



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Our Elite staffs may also include any desirable scheme or incorporates additional programs into these itineraries.




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