Oljayto also known as Muhammad Khodabandeh the eight Ilkhand dynasty roler from 1304 to 1316 in Tabriz Iran and the first Ilkhand king who converted to Islam.

Oljayto built the mausoleum in an ancient city of Soltaniyeh located about 40KM west of Zanjan North –Western Iran .

According to researchers he constructed this burial structure in early 14th century to bring back the bones of all the Imams to this mausoleum but by communication with religious leaders soon he got informed that exhumation were not allowed in Islam and he was the person who was finally buried there .

The mausoleums is known as UNESCO world heritage site and the construction continued  for almost 10 years and resulted in an architectural masterpiece in central and western Asia.

The very imposing dome stands about 50 meters tall from its base covered with Turquoise-Blue fience  tiles and is the earliest existing example of the  Double-Shelled Dome in Iran.

The interior has been undergoing  major restoration since 1970’s which is still ongoing .