Persian Carpet

Undoubtedly, nobody and no researches can define the exact date of carpet weaving of the historical and vast land of Iran; the land having three thousand years of culture and civilization. The Pazirik with designs extracted from Persepolis, having been discovered, was clarified as a carpet whose designer had wished to demonstrate the Iranian glory and honor through its designs. Of course, somehow. It can be guessed the history of carpet weaving in Iran dates back to 3000 years before,because the Pazirik is 2500 years of age, which displays the evolving course of carpet weaving in Iran.
In other words, before getting to the time of Pazirik, the Iranian took centuries to pass the introductory course of carpet weaving, at least, four or five centuries to bring about its art and techniques. Taking the age of this art into consideration and that Iran is still the pioneer of carpet weaving in the world, it is hoped that the supervisors , paying more attention, do their best to solve the problems of this of this industry.
The procedure of Iranian carpet weaving in brief:
1- Weaving carpet by Persian knots being usual mostly in Arak, Qom, Isfahan,Kashan, Mashhad and Tehran. Its knots are also known as unsymmetrical whose details are not contained in this article.
2- Weaving carpet by symmetrical or Turkish knots. In this method the woolen string is,with a hook,tied around the two warps. This kind of weaving is mostly done in Azerbaijan,Hamedan,Turkamansahra and Bijar.