One of the largest leopard and the eight recognized subspecies of leopard found in Iran. Persian leopard distinguished by short legs and powerful stocky frame, black rosette of flanks, shoulders and on back and haunches and black spots and blotches on head, chest, head and belly.

Historically the Persian leopard was much more widespread in southwest of Asia but hunting, habitat destruction and decline in prey population have seen their numbers plummet.

In Iran shooting and poisoning of cats occurs in an effort to alleviate predation on livestock. To support this kind of species it is estimated that 1300 cats were left in the wild which is only  a small and increasingly fragmented population.

The small population of Persian leopards are found in Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Armenia and  Georgia. The Persian leopard inhabits mainly in remote and mountainous areas such as dry, arid environments through to bush and deciduous forests. Some announced the spotting and imaging of a Persian leopard in western alamut district.