Qeshm island Geopark

World Geopark of Qeshm, with area about 30 thousand hectares is located in the west part of the island. This world Geo park is in a Longitudinal area. This geo park was listed as the world heritage site in UNESCO in 2006 , in the world network of geo parks. It is the first and sole geo parks in the middle east, and Iran is the sixth countries having a geo park in Asia.due to its location on the beautiful coast of the Persian gulf and the sea forest of Harra ,the geo park has allocated many Typical geological phenomenon within. Existence of natural sculptures and spread Carvings, Foldings and wonderful mountains, Flat surfaces in the height and many other Bumps and troughs made by the Erosion factors of the nature make the most fabulous wonderful Statues similar to turtle, dog, lizard, Hippo, or even human face in the angry manner .