Relief work

Relief work is the sort of the art having thousands of years of precedence, therefore it should be interesting to have a short study on the progress in and the effects of the ancient civilization on this interesting art.
The Sumerians settled in south Mesopotamia had progressed in different sorts of arts such as relief work.The victory tablet of Naramsin (2200-2300 BC.) having relief designs on stone is one of the important and artistic works with the Sumerian properties.
In Babylon civilization relief work has always been more taken into consideration than sculpture. It later got to its utmost progress getting painted as frescoes on walls.
In the Persepolis buildings (500BC.) the half relief designs on the walls remind us of the Assyrians and Babylonians arts during the 7 to th centuries BC which have been made by stability and beauty. It can also be indicated to the relief work of Bisotun and the Soruk isthmus during the Parthian period (250 BC) in which relief work started. It should also be noted that the Egyptian relief works were composed of mere narrow lines and never got three dimensioned.
In the ancient Greece, the relief designs got performed on inscriptions. And the goat and giants tablet in the Pergam niche is of the famous relief works full of fantasy and manifestations.
Today masters of this art using various materials as pulp, clay ,resin and plaster create neautiful works with original colors or pained and present them in the galleries.