It is located 30 KM far from Darab in Fars province and contains of 64 cascades totally. Reqez canyon is surrounded in the heart of the mountains among the rocks.
Reqez means pristine and slippy road. The cascades have different altitudes, the highest one is 65 meters while the shortest come to 6 meters but others you can cross jumping on them and falling to water.
The ponds of Reqez have various depths. The deepest one is 20 meters depth and shallowest 6 meters.
By approaching to the last waterfall with 35 meters depth the Reqez canyon will end. It is possible to inspect some ponds and cascades without having any special instruments and eventually by reaching to cascade of 23 meters depth the climbing will end without any special equipment but to visit other ponds and waterfalls the special equipments are needed for landing from mountains and climbing rope is necessary.
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