Sa’dabad Museum Complex(Sa’dabad palace)

It was a royal summer home during the Pahlavi period. There are  exhibitions of the subjects diverse from the royal dishware, royal automobiles to the  miniature paintings. In  the basement of the White Palace is a selection of the museums, cafes on the grounds of White Palace is available . The Palace of the Nation was built in 1931 – 1937 . There are furnishings, paintings … . The Green Palace was built at the end of the Qajar era it was used as a private reception hall and residence for special guests. The design is magnificent, with wall-to-wall mirrors in the Mirror Hall and the bedroom. The Royal Automobile Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts which served as the royal court between 1968 – 1979 , the Royal Dishware d Museum  and finally the Military Museum are in the Sa’dabad complex.