Saqalaksar lake is located in Saqalaksar village 15 KM south of Rasht city in Gilan province of Iran.
The term Saqalaksar means the place where birds drink water. Stork and Starling, in the past were the birds came to this village and drank from its spring.
There are many lakes with magnificent nature around the tomb of Agha Seyyed Sharif of which Saqalaksar lake(Dam) is one of the largest of them and attracts travelers in all seasons.
The water of Saqalaksar lake is provided by atmospheric precipitation and Saran spring .
The lake height is 64 Meters above sea level, the length of it is about 600 Meters and with 500 Meters.
There are plenty of natural attraction besides the lake . The village of Saqalaksar with fantastic landscape is full of silence of the lake.
Surrounded by massive tall trees of the forest. The occupation of most people in this village is agriculture. Rice farm and the smell of camlet and its golden clusters in the season of exploration of rice give a special display to the beautiful village of Gilan.
One of the most attributes of this village is the cleanliness and main reason for this is the implementation of a plan by Islamic council of the village that $1 will be received from each visitor as entrance fee and a dustbin will be given to them for their trash.
That’s why no garbage exist in the nature of this village.