Persian Carpet

Persian Carpet

Persian Carpet Undoubtedly, nobody and no researches can define the exact date of carpet weaving of the historical and vast land of Iran; the land having three thousand years of culture and civilization. The Pazirik with designs extracted from Persepolis, having been discovered, was clarified as a carpet whose designer had wished to demonstrate the […]

Persian calligraphy


Persian Calligraphy and Writing In Iran, calligraphy is considered and admired as one of fine arts, therefore in this course many famous artists have come into existence. In the end of the third century and at the beginning of the fourth century AH(about 1000 years ago) a brilliant man as Mohammad Ibn-e Ali Alfarsi (Ibn-e […]

Shah Abadul Azim Shrine
Shah Cheragh

Shah Cheragh Holy Shrine in Shiraz

Shah Cheragh Holy Shrine in Shiraz The most religious place in shiraz, tomb of ahmad son of emam musa-al-kazem( the 7th emam) & brother of emam Reza whose shrine is in Mashhad. Stunning & inspiring atmosphere is very well felt as you get in. the shrine has marvelous artistic mirror & tile works that would […]