Tehran Music Museum

Tehran Music Museum

Tehran Music Museum In north of Tehran surrounded by a beautiful garden there is music museum ,you can see all Iranian instruments that played in the past and now ,even some instruments that is invented recently. You can use an audio guide if you want. Despite the fact that most of Tehran habitats may not […]

Tehran Time Museum Museums in Tehran Museums in Iran

Tehran Time Museum

Tehran Time Museum Good collection of time pieces gathered in a beautiful building which used to be a house of a rich carpet merchant. If you like old Iranian architecture, this place will amaze you. There is a nice cafe right in the yard of the museum which is a lovely place to spend your […]

Attractions in Tehran

Tabiat Bridge in Tehran

Tabiat Bridge The bridge crosses over a wide highway and has wonderful view to north of Tehran. There are places for seating and walking .a girl was the architect of it who designed and draws it at the age of 26.It’s a blend of art and architecture with nature and local atmosphere.

Park-e Shahr

Park-e Shahr in Tehran

Park-e Shahr in Tehran In the Park-e Shahr you can go ice skating (when it’s cold enough), take a boat trip on the tiny lake (in summer) and enjoy tea or qalyan in the teahouse. Or just sit and relax watching people relaxing.

Imam Khomeini Mosque - mezquita

Imam Khomeini Mosque in Tehran

Imam Khomeini Mosque in Tehran The Imam Khomeini Mosque is inside the Tehran bazaar and is one of the largest and busiest in Tehran. The building itself belongs to the 18th century. It is accessible by many routes through the bazaar. so it’s usually possible for non-Muslims to watch the faithful ablutions and praying.

Museums in Iran Museums in Tehran Attractions of Iran

Museum of Contemporary Art in Tehran

Museum of Contemporary Art in Tehran It is located in the western side of Park-e Laleh. A modern architecture in style of 1970s.It has nine galleries of remarkable collection of Western and Iranian art, works by Picasso, Matisse, Van Gogh and many others.

Bird Garden in Tehran

Bird Garden in Tehran

Bird Garden in Tehran The park is big, so to enjoy all the bird places, you have to walk a lot. Also you will enjoy visiting very nice Peacocks! This garden is not finished yet and it has a long way to go, the park is beautiful and the access to birds is easy, kids […]

Tehran View

Tehran City

Tehran City This city is the capital of Iran now and the most 32nd national capital of Iran and is the largest and most populated city of country with a population of around 11 million national census 2011 and ranked 29th in the world by the population of it’s metropolitan era . Compared to Iran’s […]

Tehran Bazaar

Tehran Bazar

Tehran Bazar The maze of bustling alleys and the bazaris (shopkeepers) that fill them make a fascinating, if somewhat daunting, place to explore. Traders have been hawking their wares on this site for nearly 1000 years, but most of what you see today is less than 200 years old and is no architectural jewel. The […]

Iranian garden

Iranian garden

This garden also called Persian garden with an area of some 3.4 hectares is located in one of the old neighborhoods of Tehran known as “Deh vanak” where resembling the old days of Tehran and remind you of the comfort and refinement of people residing in old locals in the past Iranian garden is an […]