Sheikh Safi tomb

It is one of the valuable historical monuments from Safavid era. The tomb was built in 14th century, it belongs to Shah Ismail and his grand father who has great spiritual powers like speaking to the dead or fortune telling. The complex had been repeatedly rebuilt or renovated during the centuries. The tomb’s ambience has involved wood works, magnificent ivory adorned with precious metals . thetomb is actuallyconsist of several siteslike : Sheikh Safis tomb, the china hall,martyrdom site,dervish monastery,
lantern hall ( the highlight of the structures ), the Jannat Sara Mosque all showing the Iranian marvelous architecture. Along with the kings Grave there are the Graves of princes, their cloth family, Politician or generals ,…. .
the buildings themselves have the most beautiful till works, fine calligraphy that they make them more attractive.
Also there is a great room ful of gifts given from the Emperor of China to Shah Abbas the frist.