Shooshtar waterfalls and mills

Because of its Geographical Location, Shooshtar has many waterfalls and mills, to manage the currency of water some intelligent structures were built in the Achaemenian and Sassanid eras for the best usage of water. The said structures included water mills and hand-made waterfalls.The river Gargar itself is a man-made Water channel in the Sassanid era. The most important millsis the Sika Water Mills. The structure has small corridors, with the view of water channels. They end up to the Gerger river. The mills use the water pressure to flour the wheat. As the wind blows through the corridors it makes a cool atmosphere, especially good for picnic and relaxing. The channels are interrelated and originate from the Gargar dam. There is the largest industrial complex prior to the Industrial Revolution. The channels reach the old parts of the city to provide the city water.