Susa (Shush)

Shoosh is on the northwest of the province,. It has hot weather … The city has about 3577 square kilometers era. It is one of the ancient cities with civilizes organization. The first civilization were the Elamits and it was their capital in 3rd Millennium BC.. During Achaemenians it was the summer capital city. During Muslimsprimary decades it was still an important city. The ancient name of Shoosh was ‘Soos’ or ‘Dasht-e-Soosiana’.
There are plenty valuable historical monuments and other tourist attraction sites in the city. The famous astounding historical Ziggurat ChoghaZanbil is there and listed as the world heritage site. The Tomb of Prophet Daniel , one of the prophets of Israelites,is a religious ancient site there, who lived simultinuesly at the Cyrus the Great and Darius , the kings of Achaemenian. There is Apadana Palace, Palace of Xerxes, and the ancient castle and site. Also a museum is builit in 1966 AD.the museum exhibits Many ancientremnants of Elamites, Parthian, Achaemenian, Sassanid, and Islamic civilizations, Which takes the attention of many local and international tourists.