Persian gulf land of oldest settlement

Persian gulf land of oldest settlement

Persian gulf land of oldest settlement The mid – Paleolithic stone tools uncovered in the island the latest archaeological excavation in Qeshm island; which had been connected to main land of Iran by a tick layer of ice during last glacial period. Pebble tools finely cut by hand have been found during investigations in the […]

Chahkoo Iran attractions

Chahkouh pass

Chahkouh pass One of the most amazing pass at 70 km from the east part of chahou village which will astonish all visitors with its surprising corridors and fabulous shapes on its walls you can find at chahkouh pass , such like this wonderful geological phenomena have been found only in China , Britian , […]

kherbes caves

Khourbas caves

Khourbas caves These caves are one of the tourist attractions in Qeshm island. In the heart of the Heights, there are magnificent rocky architectures, some believe that they were temples of Mithraism. These caves go back to the Median Empire time. These are 4 interconnected caves in the height of 30 meters .the caves are […]

Qeshm Island - swimming with dolphins

Qeshm Island:swimming with dolphins

Qeshm Island:swimming with dolphins You may see the beautiful dances of dolphinsin Hengam island . the surrounding water is dolphin’s Habitat, and lots of tourists come here to watch their life. Tour boats are ready every day, every time to service the tourists , but if you want to see dances of dolphins closely , […]

Harra sea forest - Iran ecotourism

Harra sea forest in Qeshm

Harra sea forest Every time in the year harra jungles attract many tourists to Qeshm island .this extra ordinary plant area does not need sweet water. In tails it is said that these plants are the legend of human tears. Harra trees grow in Meser, Saudi Arabia and south coast of Iran . harra jungles […]