Quran Gate

Quran Gate in Shiraz

Quran Gate in Shiraz Located in northern entrance of Shiraz Quran Gate was built first in 939 with a holy Quran on the top, so that the people passing beneath would travel along with God s care, & arrive safely to their destination. It was renewed in zandiyeh era (1758-1779) with 2 Qurans. In 1936 […]

Khajo tomb

Khajoo Tomb & Quran Gate in Shiraz

Khajoo Tomb & Quran Gate in Shiraz The tomb is located in Quran gate of Shiraz. Khajo(1280-1360) was the greatest poetborn in Kerman & traveled many places and end up in Shiraz. He used to pray in caves in the hill which was common those days. There are stone stairways & water bodies up to […]