Susa - Daniel Jewish prophet

Susa (Shush)

Susa (Shush) Shoosh is on the northwest of the province,. It has hot weather … The city has about 3577 square kilometers era. It is one of the ancient cities with civilizes organization. The first civilization were the Elamits and it was their capital in 3rd Millennium BC.. During Achaemenians it was the summer capital […]

Choqazanbil Temple (Ziggurat of Susa), Shoosh

Choqazanbil Temple (Ziggurat), Shoosh

Choqazanbil Temple (Ziggurat) On the 45 km. south east of Shoosh is one of the most beautiful and rare historical monuments, Ziggurat ChoghaZanbil, means a multi-story pyramid that has been registered as a global heritage. , the only remnant of new Elamit civilization ancient city , named “Ontashgal”, that was built in 1300 B.C. . […]